Keep Caterpillar 3406 engines operating within the right operating temperature with thermostats from Soni Power. The 3406 operates in demanding environments and the thermostat regulates coolant flow for efficient operation. When it malfunctions, the result can range from simple overheating to irreversible damage. Before symptoms arise, have backup Cat 3406 thermostats on hand to minimize downtime.

Not sure which thermostat replacement is right for the Cat 3406 or 3406E? Our dedicated customer support team are ready to answer any questions and help find the correct fitment for all parts. Just call +91 9433017781 / +91 3322100525 and we’ll get your Cat engine back on the prowl in no time.

Trust Soni Power to deliver thermostats for Cat 3406 engines.


THERMOSTAT – 3406 / 3408 / C15 (170°F/76°C)